P12 Slim PWM PST
Pressure-optimised 120 mm PWM Fan with integrated Y-cable


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P14 Slim PWM PST
Pressure-optimised 140 mm PWM Fan with integrated Y-cable


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What are slim case fans, exactly?

Slim case fans are especially thin case fans for your PC. In contrast to normal fans, where the installation depth is usually 25 mm or 27, their thickness is only 15 mm for 120 mm case fans and 16 mm for 140 mm case fans. In certain instances, the smaller depth definitely has its advantages.

Advantages? Tell me more. When should I use a slim case fan?

Slim case fans are particularly useful when space-saving components are important. This makes them an excellent choice for mini PCs and small form factor builds (SFF). But even if you’re just interested in having a very tidy-looking PC, space-saving components can be advantageous.

For installation on hidden case inlets, radiators or dust filters, slim fans are also the best choice when space is at a premium. They can provide top-notch system cooling - even with increased air resistance due to high static pressure.

Got it. So, what’s the best slim case fan?

It depends. The best slim case fan for you depends entirely on your own needs, but it’s best to start with the size. If your build calls for a 120 mm fan, then the ARCTIC P12 Slim PWM PST is your choice. If you need a 140 mm case fan, go for the ARCTIC P14 Slim PWM PST. Despite their smaller installation depth, both models come with the efficient cooling performance ARCTIC case fans are known for.

Another factor to consider is the number of fans/connectors you need. Often, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX motherboards only have a limited number of fan connectors, but ARCTIC's slim case fans have an additional socket. This allows you to connect up to four additional PST fans, making it easy to come up with a daisy-chain solution.

Ready to install a slim case fan? Check out the P12 Slim PST and the P14 Slim PST to decide which is best for your needs.