GPU Cooler

Gamers, rejoice: ARCTIC‘s assortment of GPU coolers includes graphics card coolers that have optimal compatibility with nearly all popular AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. For next-level VRM and RAM cooling, our GPU coolers are also available with a patented backplate cooler.


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Accelero Xtreme IV
NVIDIA/AMD Graphics Card Cooler with Backplate


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Accelero Xtreme III
NVIDIA/AMD Graphics Card Cooler


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Accelero L2 Plus
Compact NVIDIA/AMD Graphics Card Cooler


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Accelero Mono Plus
Compact NVIDIA/AMD Graphics Card Cooler


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ARCTIC GPU cooler for NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards

Graphics cards are becoming more and more powerful; however, this comes with ever higher heat emission levels. That’s why good cooling is essential. The majority of graphics cards available on the market today are come equipped with complete cooling solutions.

If you want to give your graphics cards a quieter and more powerful update, you will also find a wide range of GPU coolers for retrofitting.

What types of graphics card coolers are there?

Air coolers usually come with one, two or three fans and range from entry-level coolers to high-end solutions.

Water cooolers rely on water for heat transport, which is effectively cooled in a radiator.

Passive graphics card coolers The generated Heat is dissipated solely via the heat sink and natural air circulation. Operation is completely silent due to lack of a fan, however performance is weaker compared to active coolers.

Graphics card cooler with backplate In our portfolio we offer GPU coolers both with and without a backplate. The patented rear cooler takes on the previously small-scale cooling of VRM and RAM and keeps the board, including all sensitive components around the GPU, at a low temperature.

Multi-compatible with NVIDIA and AMD

ARCTIC coolers are multi-compatible with a variety of graphics cards from NVIDIA and AMD. The products in our portfolio range from solutions with one fan without heat pipes to very powerful options with five heat pipes and three fans. Every performance class is covered.