P14 Slim PWM PST

Pressure-optimised 140 mm PWM Fan with integrated Y-cable

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Ideal for Small Spaces

Unlike standard 140 mm case fans with a thickness of 27 mm, the P14 Slim PWM PST has a mounting depth of only 16 mm. This makes it the ideal choice for Small Form Factor (SFF) builds. Corresponding screws for mounting on a radiator are already included.

Optimised for High Static Pressure

Because the fan design of the P14 Slim PWM PST is optimised for focused airflow, it generates high static pressure. The fan enables extremely efficient cooling and good airflow— even with increased air resistance. This makes the P14 Slim PWM PST particularly well-suited for use on concealed case intakes, dust filters, radiators, and generally in small cases that have little space for free airflow due to compactly placed hardware.

Maximum Quietness, Minimum Vibration

The operating noise of the newly-developed ARCTIC motor is barely perceptible, even at the lowest speed. Thanks to its special magnetization, the motor of the P-fans generates no start-up jerks and only a fraction of the commutation vibrations of a conventional DC motor. As a result, there is far less vibration on the housing at different speeds and no need for rubber buffering or additional decoupling.

Improved Service Life

The new ARCTIC motor generates significantly less frictional heat than its predecessors and current competitor models. As a result, coil temperature is reduced by up to 20 degrees, quadrupling service life, while reduced frictional losses ensure more efficient operation.

150 to 1800 RPM Controlled via PWM PST

With a wide speed range and innovative PWM Sharing Technology (PST), the P14 Slim PWM PST's fan speed can be controlled in sync with other fans. ARCTIC's PST fans come equipped with their own built-in daisy-chain solution, and, in addition to the plug-in connector, have another socket to which an additional fan or up to 4 other PST fans can be connected in series.

High Quality Sleeve Bearing

Thanks to a combination of alloy and lubricant developed in Germany, friction within the bearing is minimized and greater efficiency is achieved. In addition to preventing lubricant loss, wear on the pin and sleeve is also reduced to a minimum. Less heat is developed, less bearing noise is generated and the life of the fan is extended significantly.

0dB Mode - Zero RPM

The speed of the P14 Slim PWM PST can be throttled down to a standstill via PWM. This allows efficient and silent PC operation in idle while guaranteeing maximum performance on demand.

Versatile Use

The P14 Slim PWM PST allows customisable installation in the case. It can both suck in cool air as an Intake fan and push out warm air as an Exhaust fan. The fan also offers both push and pull installation options on the radiator.

Technical specifications & manual

Fan Speed:
150 - 1800 rpm (0 rpm below 5 % PWM)
52 CFM/88.35 m³/h
Static Pressure:
1.55 mm H₂O
Noise Level:
0.3 Sone
Operating Ambient Temperature:
0 - 40 °C
6 Years
Fan Frame:
Control Type:
4-Pin-Connector + 4-Pin-Socket
Fan Bearing:
Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Electric Characteristics:
Typical Voltage:
12 V DC
Starting Voltage:
4 V
Current/ Voltage:
0.19 A / 12 V
Cable Length:
400 mm + 80 mm
Size & Weight
140 mm
140 mm
109 g
  • Width: 143 mm
  • Height: 17 mm
  • Length: 156 mm
  • Weight: 0.151 kg

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