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TV Flex S
Ultra-Slim TV Wall Mount


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TV Flex M
Flat Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for medium sized TVs


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Flexible TV Mounts

1. How Does a TV Wall Mount Work?

The functionality of the TV wall mounts is as simple as it is ingenious. The TV just needs to be screwed onto the wall bracket, which has been fixed to the wall beforehand. Our TV wall brackets are compatible with various VESA standards, ensuring that all commercially available TV sets from various manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sony and Co can be mounted with a VESA mount.

2. What Kinds of Wall Mounts Are Available for Tvs?

TV wall mounts are available for TV sets of various sizes and weights. They all have great flexibility in common: their position can be changed easily and quickly.

We recommend the ARCTIC TV FLEX S for smaller and medium-sized models from 22 to 55 inches and a weight of up to 25 kg. The distance between the TV and the wall is adjustable between only 41 mm and 498 mm. The bracket also has a clever cable management system, making annoying cable clutter a thing of the past. Furthermore, it is VESA compatible, so that any compatible TV set can be mounted quickly and easily.

We recommend our ARCTIC TV Flex M wall mount for medium-sized to large TVs from 23 to 55 inches and weighing up to 30 kg. The distance between the wall and the TV on this model is also between 41 mm and 498 mm to ensure maximum flexibility. This model also has a simple but ingenious cable management system and is compatible with different VESA sizes up to 400 x 400 mm.

3. What Are the Advantages of TV Wall Mounts?

Another advantage of TV wall mounts is the space they save. There is now space for other things where your TV stand used to be. In addition, a wall mount makes the room look larger and therefore tidier.

ARCTIC wall mounts also offer you great flexibility and the possibility to adjust the TV in the respective viewing direction. The position of the TV can be adjusted easily and at any time without using tools.

4. How Do I Install a TV Wall Mount?

The installation of our ARCTIC TV wall mounts is very easy thanks to the multilingual installation instructions which can be accessed online at any time. Spirit level, dowels and screws for wall mounting are already included with the product. Thanks to VESA compatibility, fixing the TV is easy and is done with just 4 screws.