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How do I mount a CPU cooler?

There are several ways to install CPU coolers. The installation varies depending on the design. In principle, the motherboard should be removed - provided there is no recess for installing coolers.

Installation of a push pin cooler: 

With this type of installation, the mainboard can remain in its housing. The cooler is placed over the pins on the board, and the pins, pointing away from the heatsink with the arrows, are pushed through the board. This is done crosswise to avoid one-sided tensioning of the mainboard.

Installation over mounting lugs:

With this simple installation, the cooler is simply hooked into the AMD mounting lugs and possibly slightly screwed in to increase the contact pressure.

Installation via mounting hardware:

Note: With this type of installation, the mainboard must be removed if there is no recess in the housing for installing a cooler! Look through the supplied assembly material and find the parts required for your installation. Install the cooler according to the instructions.

Further installation instructions can be found at support.arctic.ac and in our Youtube video instructions