ARCTIC History

From vision to successful company

The ARCTIC story begins in Switzerland in 2001. The vision of quiet computer cooling paved our way to become an internationally successful company and still shapes us today. In our company history we show our development and milestones.


Winning the German Design Award in the "Excellent Communications Design" category for our web shop


Extensive expansion of the RGB and A-RGB cooling product range

Warranty extension to 6 years


Comprehensive redesign of the ARCTIC website.

Domain change: New web address

Foundation of the Digital Commerce Team

The ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 240 receives the European Hardware Award as Best CPU Cooler (Water).


Successful introduction of the Liquid Freezer II series with a self-developed, PWM-controlled water pump and launch of the first A-RGB cooler, Freezer 50 TR.
Launch Lucky Draw competition to celebrate 10 million thermal pastes sold.


ARCTIC receives the Top 100 Innovation Award.
Founding of the US branch in Florence, South Carolina with its own warehouse, sales and marketing teams.
Relocation and expansion of ARCTIC GmbH. The team grows to over 30 employees.


Debut of a completely overhauled corporate design with the distinctive „A“ logo.
Switch to online manuals.


ARCTIC is the first cooler manufacturer to offer in-house support and RMA service.


Founding of ARCTIC GmbH in Braunschweig, with a central warehouse as well as new sales and marketing departments.


ARCTIC expands its business and begins serving Asias and the Russian markets.
Launch of the Green ARCTIC program.


Massive expansion of the product portfolio to include consumer electronics and monitor arms. ARCTIC Cooling becomes ARCTIC.


ARCTIC Cooling Inc. is founded, with a sales office in New York and a warehouse in Los Angeles. Development of a new corporate identity.


Expansion of the cooler business in Europe. ARCTIC becomes the best-known CPU cooler brand in Germany.


Founding of ARCTIC Cooling (HK) Ltd., with its own development team to improve production.


Magnus Huber founds ARCTIC Cooling GmbH, laying the foundation for quiet and affordable computer cooling.

Quiet computer cooling - this basic idea of company founder Magnus Huber still forms the core of our brand image today. During his engineering studies, Huber operated a company that built PCs, which drew his attention to the noise problems that came with pre-installed coolers and fans. After graduating, he began building his first prototypes in 2001 with the goal of creating a cooling solution that was as quiet as it was affordable. The first ARCTIC product - the Super Silent 2000 CPU cooler - soon went into series production and was quickly followed by case fans and graphics card coolers.

ARCTIC COOLING GmbH was founded in 2002. Shortly after, ARCTIC Cooling (HK) Ltd was established and the first employees were hired to improve production. The Hong Kong location grew rapidly, and the engineering team was soon joined by graphic designers, administrative and marketing staff as well as sales staff, who were all committed to driving the expansion of the cooler business throughout Europe.

With an eye toward better serving the US market, 2005 saw the founding of ARCTIC Cooling Inc., followed by another milestone five years later: an expansion of the product range to include consumer electronics and monitor arms. This turned ARCTIC Cooling into simply ARCTIC, which has continued to grow and is now also increasingly sold in Asia, Australia and Russia.

With its steadily rising sales figures, Europe continued to be ARCTIC’s core sales market, leading to the 2013 founding of ARCTIC GmbH in Brunswick, Germany. This location was selected with the aim of improving market access and creating a base for a customer-oriented sales team as well as establishing a central warehouse to shorten delivery routes. Opening with five employees, the branch grew over the following years and took over the worldwide marketing and sales of ARCTIC products. In 2017, the graphics and marketing teams implemented a design overhaul that has shaped the brand’s visual identity ever since.

In 2018, ARCTIC‘s strong, steady growth, along with an increasing number of employees, necessitated the move to an expanded office and storage space in Brunswick. In the same year ARCTIC Inc. – a new branch with an attached warehouse – was established in Florence, South Carolina to serve the crucial North American growth market. ARCTIC currently employs more than 60 people worldwide in Hong Kong, Braunschweig and Florence. Each ARCTIC-er is committed to serving our customers, creating innovative, high-quality products and working toward ARCTIC‘s success.