Collaboration leads to our best ideas. We enjoy working in a solution-oriented manner, allow room for failure and always help each other. Showing appreciation for each other is a high priority.

We are positive from head to toe. We take pleasure in our work and are always looking toward the future, approaching our next task with gusto.



Being pragmatic is an essential qualification for successfully navigating digital transformation and ever-changing technologies. We are looking for the best solutions in a sensible way that fit tomorrow’s world, rather than conforming to fixed theories, ideas, or rules.


We love technology and we embrace change. ARCTIC-ers try again and again to transcend and redefine what the limits are: no idea is too crazy to be considered.


How we perceive ourselves is dynamic: it offers space for our own further development and shapes our way of working. We accept challenges and grow through taking them on. Always open to learning, we take time to reflect upon and scrutinise our way of thinking and doing business. We‘re enthusiastic about new things, and we regard failures as necessary pitstops on the way to success.


Each of us is responsible for protecting the environment. As a company, we take the careful use of energy and environmental resources very seriously. We think “green” and have been carbon neutral since 2011. More about our environmental commitment can be found in Green ARCTIC