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Gas Spring Monitor Wall Mount


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Monitor Wall Mount


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Wall Mount with Retractable Folding Arm


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TV Flex S
Ultra-Slim TV Wall Mount


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TV Flex M
Flat Full-Motion TV Wall Mount for medium sized TVs


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Wall Mounts from Arctic - Functional and Space-Saving

You know how it goes - the desk is totally cluttered, and you don't know where to put the coffee cup? Besides a proper tidying-up, a mount for the PC monitor can also help free up room. Especially if you use many monitors, they can take up a lot of space on your desk.

A wall mount offers many advantages here, as it does not require any space on the desk. ARCTIC's product range includes wall mounts for PC monitors as well as various wall mounts for TV sets of different manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung and Co.

1. How Does a Monitor and TV Wall Mount Work?

The functionality of the monitor and TV wall mounts is as simple as it is ingenious. The screen just needs to be screwed onto the wall bracket, which has been fixed to the wall beforehand. Our TV and monitor wall mounts are compatible with the VESA standard, to ensure that all commercially available monitors can be mounted with a VESA mount.

2. What Kinds of Wall Mounts Are Available?

Currently, there are three different versions of wall mounts. In addition to the simple version, where the monitor is mounted rigidly and quite close to the wall, ARCTIC also offers various wall mounts with movable articulated arms, as well as a model with gas lift technology.

3. Should I Use a Wall Mount with Articulated or Gas Lift Technology?

Whether a wall mount with articulated technology or our model with gas lift technology is the right choice depends entirely on which requirements are needed.

The entry-level models are ideal for a TV that is supposed to hang on the wall for most of the time. However, you can freely move it at any time and change the distance to the wall, the angle of inclination as well as the general position.

The wall mount with gas lift technology is perfect for those who often want to move the screen freely. For example, if the screen needs to be rotated during a customer consultation or if you regularly want to look at a TV set from different perspectives, the monitor can be individually adjusted at any time.

4. Which Monitor and TV Wall Mount Is the Best?

The answer to this question is quite individual - depending on individual needs. The decisive point is whether the wall mount should be used for a PC monitor or a television. It is also important to consider how flexible the device should be.

If the position just needs to be changed slightly, the entry-level models are a good choice. However, if the position is to be changed very easily and flexibly, the model with gas lift technology can be very useful.

In addition to positioning aspects, the size and weight of the monitor also play an important role. It is also important to know whether the monitor is a normal or curved monitor, as these have a different weight distribution depending on the radius.

5. How Do I Install a Monitor and TV Wall Mount?

Installation is very simple thanks to the assembly instructions which are available online at any time. Before mounting, it is important to consider the individual suitability of the respective wall and the mounting material needed for it. Mounting the screen is usually very simple thanks to VESA compatibility.